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P-Mag Electronic Ignition Systems

Advanced Flight Systems EFIS and AOA systems

TCW Technologies Safety Trim and other great stuff

Newton Fuel Caps


If you are in any doubt about what to install in your panel pleas see the articles below. In my (admittedly biased) opinion AFS represent the best balance between quality, reliability, functionality and price. The articles were written before Gloster Air Parts secured the UKdealership for Advanced Flight Systems. The research that I did to write the articles was in no small part responsible for our decision to sell Advanced Flight Systems equipment. The final article here was first published in Van’s Aircraft newsletter ‘RVator’ and is the best treatment of the subject I have seen in a long time.


How do I choose an EFIS – Part 1, how they work


How do I choose an EFIS – Part 2, what the manufacturers say


Flying with your EFIS


What Equipment Should I Install in my Aeroplane?



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