Fuel Caps and Fuel Valves


Gloster Air Parts are now able to supply Newton Equipment fuel caps and SPRL fuel caps and fuel valves.


Newton Aero Fuel Caps

Newton fuel caps are beautifully made in England to the very highest standards from polished and anodised aluminium, and are fitted to many production aircraft including Cirrus and Diamond.

There are several different styles of fuel cap, but the most popular with homebuilders is the Aero 300.

Aero 300 cap installed in an RV-6 – really only suitable for installation during build as the mounting flange is riveted into the tank. The cap has a diameter of 2¼”.

Priced from £95 each,
locking version from £105 each.

This picture shows the mounting flange, which in this case is contoured to match an RV wing. The caps can be supplied with or without a lock. The tab opens & closes the fuel cap (lift and twist). The lock prevents the cap being opened. The lock does not have to be used to shut the cap.


This is a bolt in flange that can be mated to a large diameter hose to connect to the fuel tank, in this case a 2” diameter hose.

Mounting flanges can also be supplied to bond into a composite wing or to weld into an aluminium tank.

For RV owners who would like to move away from stiff to use Usher caps we offer these bond in replacements. A ring is bonded into the existing receptacle; the fuel cap is released by turning a key through 90°. Because of the reduced diameter available the Aero 300 style cap will not fit.

Price £110 per pair

We are also able to supply Aero 500 fuel caps that have a diameter of 4”.


SPRL Fuel System Components

SPRL fuel caps are lighter and cheaper than the Aero caps. They are used by many lighter aircraft including Europa.

Available in locking or non-locking.

Price from £45 each

Available in ‘universal’ red flange or a threaded version

SPRL fuel taps are available in:
V1 – 3 & 4 way selectors
V2 – On/Off fuel taps
V3 – Duplex return for Rotax engines

-6, -8 and Banjo fittings are avialble

These taps use ceramic disc technology to give high reliability, leak free, operation.

Please call for prices.