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P-Mag Ignitions


We have been running an E-mag (at first) and now a P-mag on our RV-6, Casper, for 10 years and thoroughly recommend them. Recently we have been asked by E-magair to support their customers in the UK, and are also able offer new P-mags.


A P-mag is an electronic ignition specifically designed for aero engines with an internal generator. It is completely self-contained, with a small generator in the base. Power is provided by the aircraft to start, but after that the P-mag is able to supply its own power. All the advantages of an electronic ignition with the redundancy of a magneto.



·      P-Mags have an internal generator to provide power should the aircraft busbar fail.

·      External power is required on initial start-up, but not afterwards.

·      The internal generator will keep the P-mag operating down to about 750rpm.

·      In this picture no drive gear fitted. The plug leads attach to the black towers at the bottom.

·      Installation is straight forward.

·      P-mags are fully approved by LAA Engineering for installation on permit-to-fly aircraft.

·      P-mags are available for 4-cylinder Lycomings and also Continental O-200s.





Prices are somewhat volatile due to exchange rate fluctuations, the following is a guide.

Please ask for a formal quote when you are ready to buy. These prices include VAT and delivery to your door.


P-mag ignition

Spark Plug Adapters


£     62

Ignition harness for auto spark plugs

£     55

Lycoming timing gear

£   140

Continental timing gear



Complete system, per P-Mag

£     90

£     60




Spark plugs are not included; I use NGK BR8ES plugs – from bike shops (less than £2 each).



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