Why Buy From Gloster Air Parts? Our Response

The light aviation market in the UK is small, and the homebuilt aviation market is even smaller. There are only a few specialised suppliers who cater for those who are keen enough to want to build or fly a homebuilt aeroplane. Our customers tell us that they value our ability to deliver tools quickly, often next day delivery, when they are in a fix.

To do that someone has to be sitting next to the phone, or logged onto email, to get the request by 4pm, so that the parcel gets to the Post Office by 4.30pm. Somehow we have to make it worthwhile for that person to provide the service.

We aim to supply tools and equipment of sufficient quality so that our customers can build aeroplanes to the quality they desire (our tools will not hold you back), and operate their aeroplanes safely. We don't sell cheap stuff just to undercut our rivals. We sell at prices where we make a small profit, to support the service we aim to provide. Bear in mind that there are many manufacturers of tools, Clecos for example - not all Clecos are made the same. We sell good quality Wedgelock Clecos at a competitive price. Some suppliers offer substatially cheaper Clecos (for example), but what will you be buying?

Whether we remain here to supply you is in your hands to some extent. When you have the option to go to Mr Big, please consider if you would like to use the services of Gloster Air Parts, or similar companies, in the future. If you would, and the price difference is not huge, and you are sure you will be buying similar quality tools or equipment, then please consider us to help us to remain in business for the times when we are the only supplier for that important part.

The same is true when considering importing tools or parts directly from the USA. It seems that you could import that expensive tool more cheaply yourself, but can you? Have you factored in all of the costs? Have you considered bank/credit card fees on currency transfers, VAT, import duty, shipping costs , VAT on the shipping costs, import agents fees and delivery hassles? If some of these are a surprise, and perhaps you are wondering if you have selected the right part or tool, then please consider giving us a call to discuss your needs. We're here to help you make the right choices when buying specialist tools and equipment for your project.

Thanks for taking the time to read what we have to say

Diana & Peter Pengilly