We have some of the specialist, more expensive and little used tools available for hire.


For existing customers we only charge a hire fee plus postage, but no deposit.
New customers please get in touch.
The rental period is two weeks, but may be extended.


Please email or call for more details.


New Tools Available for Hire:


Longeron bending die – for those of you building flat pack kits this die enables you to achieve the required longeron bend precisely.

More info here

Instructions here




Tight space pop rivet tool – particularly for RV-12 builders

(part number P26A).
Note does not work with CherryMAX rivets!



Unibit extensions for
¼” shank (pt no 9601) ⅜” shank (pt no 9605)





The tools currently available for hire are:


Instrument Panel Punch with instrument hole template and hole drilling jig (pt nos 9350, 9355 & 9306)






Parker 37° Rolo-Flare tube flaring tool (part no 212)






The Terminal Tool, large wire crimping tool
(part no TT5000)

See also The Terminal Tool





Lap joint joggle tool
(part no 465)






Hole Flanging Tool
(part no 1041)






Engine mount installation alignment pins (part no 282). These pins really are excellent when installing an engine with dynafocal mounts. The first 2 mounting bolts (top mounts) go in easily, for the lower left use the longer pin to line everything up and for the lower right the shorter pin must be used (otherwise the pin will hit the dipstick casting and won’t come out of the engine mount hole).