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Gloster Air Parts supplies specialist tools for aircraft construction and maintenance.

Our aim is to provide tools that will last an aircraft build project, or two. To that end we supply tools that are of sufficient quality to allow aircraft to be constructed to the quality demanded. There are cheaper tools available, but invariably they are of inferior quality.

The following pages show the tools that we have, they are all usually in stock. We can also provide any tool in the Avery catalogue within a short time.


We supply tool kits specifically for RV builders and also for builders of other metal kits and plans built aircraft.

For RV builders there are 2 specific tool kits available:

·        The Empennage kit: This is our modification of the Avery kit to include items that many empennage builders ask for.

·        The Full RV Toolkit: This includes sufficient tools to build an RV


Aircraft Building Tools

Aircraft Maintenance Tools

Tool Hire – Several of the more expensive and little used tools are available for hire

Car Tools – many of the tools we supply for aircraft work are suitable for kit car building and vintage car restoration.


Please don’t ask for cheap copies of expensive tools, we believe these are very poor value.



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